Test sample of Bio Compostable Straws made in France


This pack contains test sample of our news disposable reusable straws :

- 100% biodégradable

- Compostable reusable

- Heat resistant

- Made In France

Our new product has a new material now patented, which has the particularity of resisting heat and does not disintegrate on contact with hot drinks.

The shipping packaging of our straws is Compostable, this is means that there is no plastic, from design to receipt of orders.

Dimensions of the compostable straw

Length : 19 cm,

Diameter : 5 a 6mm


This pack contains sample test of our new disposable reusable

StrawBio is a 100% eco-responsible straw made from cornstarch and talc. Biodegradable et compostable, it degrades perfectly in less than 6 months.

By only working with producers in Haut-de-France region, we ensure traceability of our products while reducing our carbon footprint.

Material: PBS810 created by the strawbio company.

This material is based on corn starch and talc - French material - Product developed in Calais - All our supplies come from France and Europe.


Data sheet

19 cm

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